The power of a Growth Mindset

In the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck defines a Growth Mindset as the idea in which basic knowledge and talent are simply a starting point for success. In sum, you are the one who must pull the trigger to activate your motivation and develop it to its full potential.

Self-determination, which includes failure as a key part of the learning process, is vital to developing a growth mindset. Although it isn’t just about effort. Effort alone won’t lead to achievement of goals.

The Growth Mindset exposes a gap between the expectations you set for yourself and the personal evolution that allows you to reach your goals.

This is one of the strongest tools I’ve learned in my life. While it’s important to understand the gap between expectations and achieving goals, I know that effort is what fills that gap, and it always yields an end goal of learning and improving.

Hi, I’m Dani Trujillo, a human-centered marketer and a digital project manager who thrives in a global environment and in the “gap” of growth and effort. Perseverance, hard work and continuous learning have been always a part of my personal and professional life. I’m passionate about co-working and co-designing in teams, learning from others and thinking out the box.